Galenika introduced innovations in the offer of dermocosmetic products. As part of the strategic expansion of the portfolio, Galenika presented a novel on the topic of preserving the health and quality of the skin.

In addition to the new Pantenol+ line from its own palette for daily skin care, this year Galenika expanded its portfolio with products from the leading Spanish manufacturer of dermatological brands Cantabria Labs, premium dermocosmetics – HELIOCARE and BIRETIX.

The skin is our largest organ and is largely influenced by external factors, especially the sun. Just as some people are great team players, there are skin care products that can multi-task and do everything needed for care, hydration and beauty.

PANTHENOL+ for daily skin care and anti-aging

This line represents a significant novelty in Galenika’s portfolio for daily face care and anti-aging.

Pantenol+ B3HA face cream gel contributes to triple hydration – down to the deepest layers of the skin, thanks to three key ingredients in adequate concentration, Panthenol, 3D Hyaluron and Niacinamide. It is used for daily care, contributes to the reduction of hyperpigmentation, softens fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin fresh and smooth.

Pantenol+ face mask, intended for all skin types, contributes to regeneration and hydration with a combination of panthenol ingredients, activated charcoal, vitamin E and kaolin. In addition to care, it is used for exfoliation, contributes to the removal of impurities, narrows pores and absorbs excess sebum, making the skin smooth, tender and hydrated.

HELIOCARE – unique sun protection

Many are already dreaming about the beach, sea, sun and tanned skin. Experts warn that the sun’s rays damage the skin, accelerate aging, the formation of wrinkles, freckles and spots on the skin, and increase the risk of skin cancer.

HELIOCARE is the number 1 Spanish care line, designed to provide complete photoprotection from the sun. It is based on the unique Fernblock technology, which has a patented extract from the fern, originating from Central America, which has developed protective mechanisms against the sun’s rays and is used in all Heliocare products. Fernblock technology provides multi-level protection: full spectrum UVB-UVA-VL-IRA protection, antioxidant, immune defense, DNA protection, pigmentation control, anti-aging.  

HELIOCARE body spray with SPF 50+ blocks and prevents the negative effects of UVB/UVA radiation, while HELIOCARE 360 Pediatrics Transparent spray is intended for children.

BIRETIX – treatment for skin prone to acne and irregularities

It is a product line that offers an effective treatment for acne-prone skin and is the best complementary dermocosmetic solution for pharmacological treatments. BIRETIX Cleanser provides gentle, deep cleansing with antibacterial and seboregulating activity. BIRETIX Isorepair cream contributes to skin hydration and regeneration during and after acne treatment. It soothes and softens the skin and contributes to restoring the skin’s barrier function.

As a company devoted to people and dedicated to health, Galenika emphasizes proactive self-care and prevention. In consultation with a doctor or pharmacist, it is important to choose quality products that we can safely consume, to care for our skin and to contribute to its regeneration, and thus to enjoy the encounter with summer.

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