We are the future

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

For 76 years, we have been serving health by manufacturing products and medicines that are most often life-significant. Our company has been operating successfully for over half a century to the satisfaction of our customers, business partners we cooperate with who use every opportunity to put their trust in us and proudly recommend us, and all those who use their dedication, personal creativity, and understanding to make Galenika well-known even outside our country.

The company’s vision is very simple: we want to improve people’s health and overall quality of life. Our mission is to be the industry leader in all representative markets by developing the best solutions, offering full support to our partners, bringing satisfaction, and inspiring others.

Galenika’s product range has over 250 products. Our products are trusted brands.

By constantly selecting and updating its product range, and by cooperating with its license partners as well as with the academic community, Galenika succeeded in creating numerous brands, including the following: Beviplex ©, Oligovit ©, Bensedin ©, Prilazid ©, Paracetamol ©, Jekoderm ©, Pantenol ©, Longaceph ©, Diklofen ©….

Being aware of the importance of human resource management in accomplishment of our goals, we remain focused on constant investment into development of our employees. The structure of personnel and diversity of education profiles and experts with different competences contribute to our successful operation and represent our greatest asset.

Today, Galenika has a clearly defined course of development and impressive results that can be seen not only in awards, but in business performance indicators as well.

Owing to our constant investments into structure and research as well as into expanding our production lines and broadening our product range, we expect large market expansion effects in the years to follow. We preserve our 76-year-long tradition with a clear vision to make sure that Galenika always keeps the position that belongs to it – the very TOP one.

Galenika – Serbia’s oldest pharmaceutical company

Galenika a.d. was founded on 18th July 1945. This young company with as little as forty-three employees begins its dramatic expansion and development, and, pretty soon, it becomes an important element of the pharmaceutical market in the then Yugoslavia.

construction of a complete manufacturing plant at Galenika site, which positioned it as the fourth global manufacturer of penicillin. The first bottle of penicillin was manufactured on 31st July 1949, marking the beginning of Galenika’s dramatic development.

the scientific-research institute becomes a part of Galenika. Teams of researchers primarily focus on development of generic drugs, implementing their great knowledge and skills in the process. This greatly contributes to the company’s development. Galenika’s drug products are characterized by a high level of safety, quality and efficiency in treatment. Galenika a.d. is conquering domestic market with astonishing speed, whereas construction of a new plant marks a turning point in its development.

enabled us to take a decisive step outside the national boundaries.

Milan Panić, a founder of ICN, an American pharmaceutical company, signs an agreement with Galenika, turning it into ICN Galenika, one of the first privatised companies in the SFR Yugoslavia.

opening of a new Solid Dosage Forms Plant, the construction of which cost over 50 million euro. The new plant has the annual capacity of 2 billion tablets and 100 million capsules, and the annual production worth around 100 million euro. The manufacturing process takes place in the area occupying 4,500 m2 and meeting all of the requirements of modern pharmaceutical production.

Galenika becomes a part of NC Group, the largest pharmaceutical company in Latin America, which is well-known and recognized on a global scale.