Welcome to Galenika

Creating added value for consumers, health care professionals, employees and shareholders by setting the highest industry standards and applying decades-long experience in delivering innovative solutions in pharmaceutical business is our mission.

Galenika pharmaceutical company was founded in 1945. After privatization in November 2017, it became part of the NC Group (www.gruponc.net.br), one of the largest pharmaceutical company in Latin America. Galenika produces generic drugs, dietary supplements, medical products and products for everyday use. The strategy of the new owner is the development of Galenika as a modern and flexible company, focused on research and development, which is constantly working to improve its products for improving health and quality of life, to the satisfaction of users.

  • For 78 years, we have been serving health by manufacturing products and medicines that are most often life-significant.
  • To the satisfaction of our customers, we have been operating successfully for over half a century.
  • International company and regional leader providing pharmaceutical products designed to improve quality of life.

We have been serving health for 78 years


In November 2017, Galenika became part of NC Group, one of the largest and most prestigious pharmaceutical companies in the Latin American market, known and recognized worldwide. As part of the NC Group, Galenika will continue to follow new technology development trends.

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By implementing the cutting-edge knowledge of pharmaceutical technology, we develop and produce quality medicinal products based on well-known pharmaceutical substances.


According to the best practice, effective quality management system in Galenika a.d. Beograd is adopted through implementation of GMP guidelines and ISO standards.


Galenika’s attention is given to developing a culture of healthy and safe environment, which involves all employees in the process and develops responsibility in every one of them.