Belgrade, April 18, 2024 – The pharmaceutical company Galenika continues strategic expansion of its portfolio through a partnership and exclusive contract with company Cantabria Labs, one of the leading Spanish manufacturers of dermatological brands. This way, Galenika takes over the general distribution of Cantabria Labs premium dermacosmetics for the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia. Cantabria Labs operates in 85 markets worldwide, has the highest quality standards and products that are leaders in their categories throughout Europe.

Last year, in Serbia, Galenika launched 25 products, while in 2024 the company plans to launch as many as 80 new products. The acquisition of the LifeMedic company and partnership with the Italian manufacturer Pharmalife Reasearch, the new premium cooperation agreement with Cantabria Labs from Spain and the expansion of Galenika’s own portfolio – jointly further strengthen the company’s market position, and offer consumers and patients a wide range of modern pharmaceutical products of the highest quality.

We are strategically focused on strengthening Galenika by expanding our own portfolio and establishing partnerships with global manufacturers. During the last year, Galenika commenced a new investment cycle, with focus to the further expansion of state-of-the-art production capacity and environmental protection. From 2023, 18.8 million euros have been invested in the development of 3 new factories and the reconstruction of the complete internal water supply system, which saves water consumption by 10 percent. As always and in accordance with development plans, we continue to invest in digitization and further development of production capacities, while expanding our business presence on international markets’’

said Ricardo Vian Marques, General Manager of Galenika.

Along with health care, people care is at the top of the company’s priorities. Galenika continuously invests in education and improvement of working environment and employee safety. This year, additional expansion of the e-learning platform for employees is planned, which is in line with the fact that Galenika is a company of experts.

As part of the internationalization of business, products were launched in Slovenia and Croatia last year, and representative offices were opened for the markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where the first Galenika products are expected this year. The digitization process continues and contributes to the quality of work and business. Through the most modern SAP Analytics Cloud platform, the analysis of all business processes in the company has been digitized, which represents the improvement of strategic and operational business planning. In addition, the plan is to introduce the ISO 27001 standard for information security management, as well as the implementation of a Digital Manufacturing platform to further increase efficiency and productivity in production.

Galenika pharmaceutical company was founded in 1945.After privatization in November 2017, it became part of the NC Group (, which includes EMS – the largest pharmaceutical company in Brazil and one of the largest pharma companies in the whole of Latin America. Galenika holds 2nd position in market share in Serbia and produces generic drugs, dietary supplements, cosmetic products, and medical devices. The strategy of the Group is the development of Galenika as a modern and flexible company, focused on research and development, which is constantly working to improve its products for improving health and quality of life, to the satisfaction of users.

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