Patents, Exhibitions and Awards


Numerous recognitions awarded in national and international exibits are the proof that scientific and reseash work of Galenika a.d. achieves results and is not left unnoticed.



  1. International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements, Belgrade and diploma for "AEROGAL® syrup, stable liquid formulation of desloratadine". Authors: Jelena Pesic, Bojan Pavlovic, Brankica Selakovic, Tamara Denic, Andrijana Nadoveza Salatic.

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    Patent Number 53364, Appl.No. P-2009/0393

Authors: Pesic J., Pavlovic B., Staletovic T., Nadoveza Salatic A., Selakovic B., Markovic A., Dzeletovic D.,
Vranic V., Homsek I.
Invention herewith described refers to the stabile liquid pharmaceutical formulation and protects the liquid pharmaceutical formulation, syrup, eye drops or nose drops, with desloratadine or other chemically-similar tricyclic antihistamines such as loratadine, azatadine or their combination, as an active component. Novelty in formulation is based on the formation of complex structures, which occur by incorporating medicinal substances of the tricyclic antihistamine - desloratadine (loratadine, azatadine or a combination thereof) into specific structures, micelles, surface active material (SAM). In this way is achieved a higher water solubility of the active ingredient and improved its stability. At the same time, by placing the active ingredient in the internal phase of the system, into micelles, its unpleasant taste is corrected and the risks of allergic reactions is reduced because the applied surface active material SAM is present in low concentrations.

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  1. XXXIII International Exhibition of Innovations, New Technologies and Industrial Design „Innovations – Belgrade 2013“ – gold medal with the image of Nikola Tesla, granted by Association of Inventors of the Republic of Serbia for the innvention “Formulation and technological know-how of AEROGAL® 0.5mg/ml syrup development“ from the authors: Pešić J., Pavlović B., Staletović T., Nadoveza Salatić A., Selaković B., Marković A., Dželetović D., Vranić V., Homšek I.

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  1. XXXII International Exhibition of Innovations, New Technologies and Industrial Design „Innovations – Belgrade 2012“ – gold medal with the image of Nikola Tesla, granted by Association of Inventors of the Republic of Serbia for the innvention „Stable Formulation of Film-coated Tablets Containing Desloratadine“ from the authors Grujic B, Maric Lj, Homsek I..



  1. XXXI International Exhibition "Inventions-Belgrade 2011" 24-27.05.2011. Nikola Tesla gold medal for the invention "Autohtoni Lactobacillus Isolates and Their Use as Probiotics"; Authors: Gordana Zavisic, Valentina Vranic, Zeljka Radulovic and Jelena Pesic.



  1. Joncic Savic K, Jelene J, Jovanovic M, Masic A, Zivković M, Josipovic R, Nikola Tesla silver medal for the invention in the area of new technologies, “Formulation of Gel with Herbal Extracts – Gingival Gel”, XXX International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies - “Inventions-Belgrade 2010”, May 24-28, 2010, Belgrade.



  1. International exhibition “Inventions-Belgrade 2009”, May 18-22, 2009. Nikola Tesla gold medal from Inventors and Technical Improvements Authors Association of Belgrade for the new technology called “Formulation of Preparation with Dry Herbal Extracts: Floralend® - Olive Leaf and Floralend® - Wine Leaf“ by: Ivic B., Vukovic Z., Tonsic D., Dzeletovic D.,Veljkovic J., Dekanski D.
  2. Participation of Galenika a.d. at international professional convention “2nd Pharmaceutical Sciences Fair and Exhibition” in Nice, June 08-12, 2009: Branka Ivic, M. Pharm, Head of the Solid Dosage Forms Laboratory at the R&D Institute, with presentation of papers called “Comparison of Diclofenac Sodium Release from Multiparticulate Unit System (Mups) Compressed into Tablets and Filled into Capsules”, by Ivic B., Ibric S., Betz G., Djuric Z., and “Comparative Dissolution Study of Carbamazepine Ir Tablets: Fassif vs. Media Containing Low Sls Concentration”, by Homsek I., Petrovic Lj, Trajkovic S, Parojcic J. Presentation of these papers is part of the research work of Galenika a.d. Institute within the project of the Ministry for Science and Technological Development called “Development and Application of In Vitro and In Silico Methods in Biopharmaceutical Characterization of BSC Group II and III (TR 20015) Drugs”, which is necessary for realization of work report submitted to the ministry.



  1. Vico-Stevanovic M., Radeta M., Novakovic J., Krstic A., Vranic V., Manic J., Special award with a Gold Medal from the Inventors Association of Belgrade for the new technology “Active Ingredients for Pharmaceutical Products and Biosorbents for Waste Water Treatment Based on Natural and Biological Waste Raw Materials”, XXVIII International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies - “Invention-Belgrade 2008”, May 5-9, 2008, Belgrade.



  1. Two gold medals awarded at the World Intellectual Property Exhibition - "Archimedes 2007" to:
    1) Milena Radeta, M. Vico, J. Turner, J. Petrov, "Porcine- and Bovine-based Pharmacologically Active Ingredients and Finished Products"
    2) Jasna Novakovic, Milena Radeta, M. Vico, D. Mrdakovic, M. Zivkovic, L. Zivkovic, S. Hranisavljevic, D. Maksimovic, “Calf Thymus-based Pharmacologically Active Ingredients and Finished Products”
  2. International Innovation Conference, 2 papers: “Pharmacologically Active Ingredients from Animal Origin Waste and Used Materials”, by M. Vico, M.Radeta, AS. Krstic, J. Novakovic and “Own Technological Development of a Yeast-based Dietary Supplement”, by M. Vico, T. Korac, Lj. Gligic, J. Manic, V. Vranic


  1. "Pharmacologically Active Ingredients and Final Calf Thymus Preparations" Authors: J. Novakovic, M. Radeta, M. Vico-Stevanovic, D. Mrdakovic, M. Zivkovic, L. Zivković, S. Hranisavljevic, D. Maksimovic; Gold medal at the Moscow International Intellectual Property Salon - “Archimedes” for invention as an original solution and intellectual property (Patent Yu 49539, acknowledged on September 27, 2006, patent application Yu P-177/03); serving as the basis for technology development and commercialization of natural pharmacologically active ingredients and finished products.
  2. Gold medal at the International Exhibition of Innovations (M. Radeta, J. Manic), Belgrade, November 28 – December 12, 2007.
  3. Belgrade Chamber of Commerce 2007 Annual Award Competition: Paper entitled “Active Ingredients and Water Treatment Biosorbents Based on Natural and Biological Origin Waste Materials”, by M. Vico, M. Radeta, J. Novakovic, V. Vranic, A. Krstic.