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EKSTRACAPĀ® non gama2 capsules (I);
EKSRTACAPĀ® non gama2 capsules (II);
EKSTRACAPĀ® non gama2 capsules (I) & (II) - combined.


Generic name:Encapsulated copper rich alloy, without gamma2 phase and mercury for amalgam fillings.
Dosage and packaging:Single packaging: 100 capsules of EKSTRACAP non gamma2
Indications or usage:Definite amalgam cavity filings on molars and premolars of both deciduous and permanent teeth.
  • alloy with ideal mix ratio of silver and copper without gamma 2 phase;
  • preparation of fillings with high mechanical and electrochemical stability;
  • good cavity edge closure;
  • high adaptability and easy shaping;
  • long-lasting fillings of stable shape and volume.

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