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Accredited Laboratories

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dkop-02 Diagnostics, Equipment and Process Qualification Department is a part of Maintenance Department within the Pharmaceutical Plant.

Re-accreditation of the activities regarding calibration of temperature and pressure measuring instruments was carried out in March, 2015 in accordance to SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006 Standard (laboratory was initially accredited in 2010 by the Accreditation Body of Serbia).

In April 2016, supervisory assessment of the Laboratory was carried out for the second time by the ATS and it was decided to prolong the accreditation status.

What calibration and accreditation are?

Calibration is the process of finding a relationship between quantities demonstrated by measuring instrument and the values set by the standards. Traceability and measurement uncertainty are confirmed by the accreditation procedure which is the best way to ensure the quality of services provided by the Laboratory of Diagnostics, Equipment and Process Qualification Department.

Diagnostics, Equipment and Process Qualification Department performs also the testing activities related to the following:

  • Environmental conditions
  • Stability of temperature field (chambers, refrigerators, autoclaves etc.)
  • Mapping of the warehouse within the cold chain (essential for the pharmaceutical industry)

dkop-03 All activities related to calibration, testing, issuance of calibration certificates, and preparation of the reports as well as statistical processing of the test results are conducted by trained and competent staff of Galenika a.d.

Employees of Diagnostics, Equipment and Process Qualification Department are: Ljubica Vukojčić, Jelena Novaković, Nada Mijatović, Nikola Todić and Nenad Remić.

Galenika a.d. Galenika a.d. is the only pharmaceutical company in the Repblic of Serbia (and the surroundings) that has its own calibration laboratory accredited in accordance to SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006.