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Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk

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Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular risk were the topics at the educational seminar, held on Thursday, June 19 in Galenika’s Blue Hall. More than 120 General Practitioners and Doctors of Internal Medicine were at the seminar.

Miodrag Ostojic, Academician, Professor M.D. held a lecture on type 2 diabetes as the cardiovascular disease risk equivalent. Nebojsa M.Lalic, Professor M.D. - member-correspondent of SANU, pointed out the possibility of preventive hyperglycemia and cardiovascular risk intervention in type 2 diabetes.

Miroslava Zamaklar Professor M.D., has also lectured on the possibility of preventive intervention with special reference to dyslipidemia and cardiovascular risk, while Georgina Pudar Professor M.D., presented hypertension and cardiovascular risk problems in type 2 diabetes.