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Generic name:Unique herbal mixture: chamomile, volatile tormentile and peppermint
Dosage and packaging:Gel 15 g –tube
Indications or usage:For gums massage, as a supplement auxiliary remedy in the maintenance and supporting of the results achieved by a dentist, performing standard (conservative) treatment in the patients with prominent signs of gums inflammation developed due gingivitis, periodontal disease, scale and other causes. Its use is also suitable after other dental interventions since it works for the health of gums:
  • after and during the placement of mobile restorations – total and partial dentures;
  • after the placement of fixed prosthetic restorations – bridges and crowns;
  • after teeth boring for prosthesis restorations.
  • Characteristics:
  • efficient reliever of inflammation and pain;
  • epithelisation and wound healing stimulant;
  • nausea and salivation reducer when wearing dentures;
  • pleasant aroma and flavour.
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