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Dental Program

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Continuing its tradition since 1947, Galenika a.d. is the only pharmaceutical company in Serbia and the region today having professional dental products in its assortment.
In the year of its 67th anniversary of successful operation and business, Galenika a.d. has harmonised its quality management system in the area of development, manufacture and sale of all pharmaceutical dosage forms with ISО 9001:2008 standard requirements, thus committing itself to the determination and fulfilment of buyers’ needs, making them more satisfied.
Owing to its own technologies and cooperation with foreign partners, world’s leading dental companies, Galenika a.d. has become a holder of certificate/declaration stating that the processes of medical devices’ development, manufacture and sale comply with EN ISO 13485:2003/AC:2007 standards and technical regulations. This is confirmed and demonstrated by CE sign, which is, upon the control conducted in compliance with EU Council Directive 93/465/EEC, confirming compliance and safety of a medical device! Thus, an opportunity has been opened for the products to be marketed in all parts of the European Union as being reliable and safe for use.
A range of dental products includes 53 products of 65 forms. The portfolio is composed of a complete range of fluoride containing preparations used in the treatment and prevention of dental caries, materials for aesthetic and restorative dentistry, materials for fixed and mobile dental restorations in dental techniques and practice, as well as medications for treating mouth and teeth diseases, anaesthetics, dental medicines and general use products.
Bearing in mind that we are present on the market for a long time, our duty is to follow your needs and advance keeping pace with you. Therefore, we have been carefully developing new products knowing that you expect the best from us!


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