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Key Activities

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The efforts of the teams of Galenika a.d. R&D Institute are focused primarily on developing generic medicinal products building into it their knowledge and skills. Our medicinal products are characterized by high levels of safety, quality and efficiency for the treatment of patients. New medicinal product development requires combined efforts of a large number of experts in various scientific disciplines engaged in carrying out the common task aiming at patient welfare and health. With the new medicines we update our portfolio and extend the therapeutic coverage of our products. Applying current knowledge in pharmaceutical technology, we manufacture quality medicines that are based on known pharmaceutical substances. The active ingredients of our products, which are of topmost quality, are obtained by our own methods of synthesis or manufactured by best processes in the facilities of our business partners. We invest in our experts’ knowledge and modern technology in order to keep up with high requirements and standards of the pharmaceutical profession. The key activities of the R&D Institute are:

  • Development of dosage forms formulations (solid, liquid, semi-solid) including forms with modified release of active substance,
  • Technology transfer
  • Development, implementation and validation of analytical methods,
  • Scale-up and optimization of technological procedures for biosynthesis of substances and dosed forms,
  • Biosynthesis of new pharmacologically active substances,
  • Biomedical research,
  • Biocompatibility testing of medical devices,Preparation of marketing authorization dossiers,
  • Project management.