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Human Resources

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ljudski-resursiBased on good tradition, Human Resources Department continues its crucial function through careful creation and implementation of selection and employment procedure, ensuring occupational health and safety of all employees, planning and support to continuous education and acquiring new knowledge and skills, as well as through social support to the employees.

This department has a task to provide capable, dedicated, loyal, satisfied employees with whom Galenika a.d. can realize its ambitious business plans. Having been aware of the human resource management relevance for the fulfillment of our goals, we are oriented to finding the most competent, most qualified, best candidates. Taking care of the employees and their motivation, improvement and career development are the fundaments for personal and company progress. We especially nourish the development of corporate culture and employees’ sense of affiliation to the company.

An activity particularly emphasized during a year is participation of Galenika a.d. in gatherings and events in the form of active partner, donor and sponsor. We especially emphasize our presence in employment fairs organized by National Employment Office, and Career Days organized by student organization AIESEC.

We are known by our long term cooperation with vocational high schools and faculties – carrying out vocational practice, carrying out practice for graduate and term papers and other scientific works. Apart from this, international students come to Galenika a.d. for summer vocational practice. Each year we host students from France, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Finland, Portugal, etc.

We organize computer courses for all employees, as well as licensing trainings that over 300 employees passed in 2007. At the moment, over 30 employees are at their specialist, master’s degree or PhD studies financed by Galenika a.d.